How Effective Communication Aids in an Online Boardroom Meeting

Effective Communication Aids

Everyone holds meetings, participates in them, and is always unhappy with them. Managers complain: “I waste time every time I explain everything anew”, and “I didn’t understand anything.” Employees: “One talking shop, only they are torn away from work.” The implication is that everyone wants to work but must sit in meetings.

In this article, you’ll learn how to run meetings correctly so everyone is happy and the meetings bring real value.

What are meetings for?

Meetings are a very effective method of management; with their help, you can increase people’s motivation and the clarity of execution and fine-tune the interaction of departments. Using it, you can solve a lot of problems. The only question is how to get what you want, spending a minimum of resources.

The goal is to communicate your decision to people

The manager plans to transfer production to new technology. Although he analyzed everything, calculated, and understood what and how to do, it remains to announce that the innovation is being introduced from such date and distributed functions among people. But with what words does he begin the meeting: “I want to discuss an important issue with you. How do you consider that we will switch to new technology? And to his great amazement, events do not develop as he expected.

Instead of thinking about how to take on a case, people discuss the pros and cons of their proposal, express their opinion and object, offer options, etc. Board portals free you from such a scenario. Instead, you can prepare the interlocutors for the meeting in advance, ask them to make proposals, organize a vote and make a collegial decision during the meeting itself.

The goal is to gather information

Sometimes the heads of large holdings are asked to analyze the meeting they are holding. They want to receive information from their subordinates about introducing a new product in the regions. In such situations, auditors are often faced with the fact that employees begin to shift responsibility to each other, swear and sort things out.

The board portal also prevents swearing between employees from different departments. They are informed in advance about the content of the future meeting. This means they have time to put things in order outside of the forum and discuss all the problems face-to-face with authorized employees of the company.

During the meeting, everyone knows what he needs to report as a report and what information is required by a higher link in the management chain. Misunderstandings and quarrels are excluded. The meeting is quiet and efficient.

The goal is to “give birth” to the idea

Imagine such a story. The manager called a meeting to hear employees’ ideas on how to revitalize sales of the core product. New products are constantly appearing in the company; they “shoot,” and the main product is slowly “turning sour,” and something needs to be done about it. A discussion began, and the leader called on everyone to speak out. The people were sluggish. He reacted sharply: “Not interesting,” “We have already heard this,” “Well, at least something more or less worthwhile.”

Of course, preparing for such a meeting in advance was necessary. Board portals allow you to inform about brainstorms for several weeks, allowing each future participant to offer many ideas.


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